Le coeur pourri, cinquième partie

Lastrem et Zerys ont repris possession du Coeur pourri et ont sauté du airship, au grand dam de Lia et Qiroy.

Voici la conclusion de cette histoire riche en rebondissements, avec la conclusion du synopsis de The rotten heart

Casting the feather fall spell as they reach the ground, Lastrem seems surprised when Zerys slaps him in the face. “I should make you swallow your pretty undead stories and ride your corpse back to Karrnath !”

Lost in the plains and followed by the airship, they follow the traces of a nomad halfling tribe. Arriving in the middle of a wedding, Lastrem improvises himself a wedding singer. Zerys follows, but he lacks Lastrem’s spontaneity. During a night of party and palaver, Lastrem seduces the bride, while Zerys gets interested in the burial rituals of the halflings. They leave in a hurry the next morning on a live glidewing, when they come across the halflings from whom they stole the clawfoots.

As they fly away, Lastrem suggests that they hide in the Q’barran jungle until the Order of the Emerald Claw forgets them. However, as they cross the Blade Desert, the Order of the Emerald Claw’s airship catches up with them. A tight chase ensues, killing the glidewing as they reach the Boneyard.

Zerys animates a dragon shaped skeleton to fight off Qiroy and his crew,
only to discover that he has no control over it. The skeletal dragon attacks Zerys but, when the landing airship disturbs a great pile of bones, the skeletal dragon turns it’s dusty breath to Qiroy and the airship’s crew. Lastrem and Zerys take this opportunity to flee but, as they get away, the dragon senses the magical power of the rotten heart. Treatening their lives, the dragon asks for the artifact. While Lastrem bargains for Lia’s life, Zerys inserts the artifact into the ribcage of his skeletal rat. Feigning reluctantness, Zerys surrenders this package to the dragon.

As Lastrem, Lia and Zerys flee the heat of the Blade Desert, a small creature climbs Zerys’ cloths to sit on his shoulder. A delicate putrefaction exhale from the undead, leaving Lastrem puzzled. “You’re not the only one capable of cunning, Lastrem”, says Zerys as he rips appart the rat’s ribcage to remove the rotten heart.

Et voilà comment se termine cette grande aventure. Malheureusement, elle ne fera jamais l'objet d'un roman (ou d'une suite de romans), car Wizards of the Coast ne soutiendrait pas un tel projet. Heureusement, la rédaction de ce synopsis et de ce chapitre m'a donné le goût d'écrire un roman d'aventure. En français cette fois.

Ce roman, c'est Cadavres de cristal.

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