Le coeur pourri, quatrième partie

Quand nous nous sommes laissées, Lastrem surprenait Qiroy avec un bon coup de poing sur la gueule et Lia retirait la dague qu'elle avait enfoncée dans le dos de Zerys...

As Lastrem struggled with Qiroy, trying to ignore his putrid stench, he saw Lia’s dagger gleam with a redish flash. “Zerys”, muttered Lastrem as he tripped Qiroy and sprung on his feet. “We’ll be on our way”, he said to Qiroy as he slashed at his face, aware that his musical magic would soon reach it’s end. Before he could reach Lia, his gaze was strung by a peculiar sight.

Lia was not struggling with Zerys anymore, but with a skeletal bird that peaked at her back. She had had no other choice than to leave Zerys alone and take care of the undead bird instead.

When Lastrem reached Zerys, he was standing and had backed up to the airship’s rail. “Nice wings”, said Lastrem as he took Zerys’ arm to lead him to the ship’s prow. He gripped the corpse collector’s shoulder, feeling the wound through his wool shirt.

Zerys, in a trance induced by his wound, let escape a cry when Lia clashed the bird on the deck. The breaking bone’s noise echoed in the air, like marbles falling on the floor, and left Zerys clinging to the rotten heart. His wound was not helping him regain his mind. Now that the bird’s bones laid scattered across the deck, they needed to get out of there as fast as they could. Lastrem gazed at Qiroy, who had made it back to his feet and was casting as he crossed the deck to catch them.

Zerys was in shock.

Lastrem had a plan, but Zerys wouldn’t survive if he wasn’t in good shape. He would only have a few seconds to heal his friend, so he began chanting immediately. He kept his voice low, but the magic fused from his lips, healing Zerys’ wound within a second. Too busy with his magic, he didn’t see Lia creep right under his nose.

The changeling surprised Lastrem with a strong kick behind the knee. Lastrem managed to keep his balance, but Zerys fell on the deck. He was just regaining consciousness.

* * *

When Qiroy noticed Zerys’ wound, he called the powers of the blood to fill his senses with an hunger for death. Praying, Qiroy advanced to Zerys, hoping that Lia would take care of Lastrem before his spell was done. Most of the crew had regained their senses and the elemental was regaining it’s fiery red glow. The acolyte shook from his fear ridden torpor and moved to Qiroy’s side.

While Lia took care of Lastrem, Qiroy pointed his hand at Zerys. Both men’s eyes locked when Qiroy shoved his hand in Zerys’ face. The necromantic energy fused from Zerys’ face through Qiroy’s hand, but the flow was halted within an instant.

“You’re not dying”, growled Qiroy as he unsheated his blood red steel dagger.

* * *

Zerys was still shook up, but he slowly regained his mind. When he opened his eyes, it was only to get his vision clouded by a withered hand. His skin tingled with negative energy as he felt his life slip trough his pores. He had almost resigned when he felt his life coming back. Qiroy swore and that was the only cue Zerys needed to smash the Blood of Vol priest in the gut. He jumped to his feets and looked at Lastrem, who had freed himself from Lia’s grasp.

“Stand back or I’ll throw it”, said Zerys as he extended his arm over the rail.

As he threatened to drop the rotten heart, Qiroy stood still, trying to make sense of what he just read on Zerys’ lips. Beside him, the acolyte backed up a few feet. Lastrem moved beside Zerys, always keeping Lia locked in his gaze. The changeling kept her knees crouched to spring at the first hint of Zerys droping the artifact.

“Thanks for the hospitality”, said Lastrem as he grapped Zerys’ arm. “Allow me to repay your kindnesses with a poem.”

“Choosing your face to suit your needs”, Lastrem began.

“I glanced at you, my mind was seized
Whatever look has your pretty face
I am trapped by your self-turning grace"

* * *

“Put off that mask, and we’ll stay together
For you’ve catched my rotten heart, forever.”

And he jumped.

The bastard jumped.

Leaving Lia with a wink, a bow, and an infuriated Qiroy at her side, Lastrem jumped, dragging Zerys and the rotten heart with him. As Lia bend over the rail to spot the rogues now falling from the airship, she heard Qiroy shout orders at the captain, who just regained his mind.

The ship started moving, they would soon land on the plains.

Lastrem had escaped, but Lia knew she would catch the thieves.

She always did.

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